How Cold Calling Is Actually Not About Sales

These days, most sales gurus seem to have accepted that cold calling isn’t actually about sales and more about building trust. This is true in more ways than one and one cannot sell something without building trust in the first place. The art of cold calling is perhaps the least favorite sales technique for most people in the industry. Cold calling can leave you with nightmares and the prospect of having to pick up the phone and talk to an unknown person isn’t a pleasing one. So what does one do? Is it absolutely necessary to make cold calls? What are the best cold call sentences?

First of all, cold calling isn’t absolutely necessary. It depends on the industry you are in and the kind of people you are trying to contact. Cold calling is primarily a mass communication technique which is used to reach those in middle section of society. If you think that you could reach a CEO or the top brass of an organization, you are sadly mistaken. These people have one, maybe even two executive assistants who handle their communication. The moment they realize that you are a salesman, they will slam the door on your face. But this is part and parcel of being the sales business and there is nothing you can do about it.

Cold Calling

Cold Calling Isn’t That Bad

The technique seems like a terrifying prospect simply due to the fact that most people do not like it. Granted that normal people hate receiving random calls but out of every hundred calls, at least four will work. You may be wondering whether a 4% conversion rate is useful. In some cases, this could actually be useful and any one of these could turn out to be a big ticket client. However, cold calls must be handled properly and not apprehensively. The person on the other side of the phone will instantly know if you are scared and he will never be convinced about what you are trying to sell.

When you are making a call, always keep a calm head and explain things in the right manner. If you have a checklist in front of you, it will help you concentrate better. Also, never try to sell your products outright or portray them as the best in the market. Most people have extensive market knowledge and they will see right through your lies. If you product isn’t perfect, then don’t say that it is. Always give the receiver an option.  You could mention the features of a rival’s product and ask the receiver to make a relative comparison between the two. This is the best way to build trust.

Selling Is About Trust

At the end of the day making a sale comes down to whether or not, the client trusts you. If you stand for honesty and integrity, people are bound to respect you for this. This will invariably lead to long term business relationships and this is the key to any sale. The best cold call sentences are the ones that contain the truth.